Essex Cup & Plate draws updated following Monday nights matches.



We have a new team joining division 2, The Eagle & Hind. They will only play league
matches. The two matches they have missed will be played on cup nights
in the next couple of months.



Please note that the Red Beret will be playing all their home games

out of the Wheatsheaf this season. They have also changed their name to the Wheatsheaf.

The fixture matrix and division 1 table have been amended to reflect this.



The division 1 table has been adjusted as the White Bear played an illegible player in weeks

1 and 2 of the league. The player had registered and played for the Clay Pigeon before moving

to the White Bear



The fixture list for the 2016-17 season, Essex Cup and Divisional Cup draws are now all

available by following the links above.



2015 / 16 Winter season winners added to the Archive Pages.



 Archive page now has Team and individual competition records available. If you have any

info to help fill in the earlier years, please forward details to Trevor Aylward,

preferably with a picture of the trophy in support.



















Chelmsford & District Pool League
Winter League 2016/17
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Updated 20/10/16